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Messages on hold are a fantastic marketing tool and a great way to let callers know important information about your company including what you do, where you are located, what your open hours are, and where they can find your website. These on hold messages help give that all important first impression and keep callers on the phone lines for longer.

At Media Messages we know that every business has different needs, which is why we offer several different types of message on hold packages. And with prices starting at just $8.95 per week, there is definitely something for everyone!
Message On Hold Steps

The Process:

1. Once you have discussed packages types with the sales team, they will put you in contact with the creative department who will work with you to create your personalised on hold messages.

2. When you have given final approval for the script, we pass it onto the chosen voice artists for recording. You may either choose the voice talents yourself, or you can let our producers decide the best fit for your style.

3. The production team receives the audio files from the voice artists and proceeds to mix them with your on hold music to create a complete and porfessional message on hold production.

4. The messages on hold are added to your on hold message equipment and sent out to you to be installed on your business telephone lines. Future updates can be made simply by either downloading the file and updating, or plugging in a USB stick we will send you with the updates.

Get the very best return for your investment, and contact the team at Media Messages Brisbane and invest in a telephone message on hold system for your business. We promise you won't regret it!


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Media Messages is Brisbane''s leading music onhold and onhold message provider. Our on hold audio productions incorperate Australias leading voice over artists and the latest in production music, making your messages on hold more entertaining and fresh. All our packages come with the latest digital on hold systems which are designed to work with all types of phone systems. Get you free on hold message today to see why we are the number 1 provider of music on hold in Brisbane.